Minimum Standards required by our opinion to be recognized and certified as a boatmen:

  • Possession of the seaman’s book or maritime registration
  • Proved nautical experience
  • Certificate VHF
  • Certificate RADAR
  • Knowledge GPS systems
  • Course of basic first aid
  • Knowledge of technical-nautical English
  • Knowledge of the National, European and International laws
  • Physical requirements and aptitudes necessary to carry out the services
  • Technical of mooring-unmooring
  • Knots, splices and knowledge of mooring lines
  • Measures to be taken in the event of collision or sinking
  • Unraveling and anchors techniques
  • Use of safety devices of various nature
  • Marine Charts
  • Basics of anti-pollution
  • Marine Meteorology
  • Signals and emergency aid
  • Topography of the docks with their mooring points (bollards), off shore buoys positioned in port waters, knowledge of tides, winds, their effects on the maneuvers of the ships, relatives the port where they are employed

Mooring Operations

Maritime Safety by EC

Mooring in Rotterdam

The certifications that guarantee a high professionalism of the staff employed as a high level of security, are the following: ISPS, ISM, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 5001, Lloyd’s Register, AVIAMAR, SCTW  and of course everything is under the supervision of the IMO. The highly qualified staff and certified, as the modern technological means, offer and guarantee the highest levels of security and quality of service, fair to those possessed by naval giants who come daily in the ports and dock at the buoys in the waterways, indiscriminately that they offer passenger service, cruises or freight. The mooring personnel as well as the boatmen, have to offer high quality services 360 days on 360, 24 hours on 24, never stop or decrease the intensity or quality, of the services offered, this is a prove that only people that really care about this job can carry out with professionalism all the dangerous operations in ports and in the waterways.