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Mark Dennis
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Safety Boats-Mooring-Marine Riggers

BLYTH BOATMEN are the approved service provider for all Mooring Work and Pilotage Service’s to the Port of Blyth, we have provided the vital harbour service of Boatmen and Mooring crew’s to the Port of Blyth and their customers for over 80 years. Its founders were the fathers and family members of the current business owners.

BLYTH BOATMEN specialise in providing the Port of Blyth, Ships, ships agents and other small business which use the Port, with a fully qualified fully equipped Marine Personnel and Work Boat option.

Over the last 80 years the business has gone through many changes and challenges as have all businesses within the Dock’s/Port environment. In that time the Port Of Blyth as a whole has changed enormously, we as a company have met those challenges successfully via forward planning and putting in place various contingency plans for the likes of Alcan who came to the port in the early 70’s, Transfennica in the early 80’s and to a lesser extent Constellation Energy in 2006. Alcan, Transfennica and Constellation Energy have all gone on to be major customers both to ourselves and the port, in the case of Alcan (now Rio Tinto Alcan) we are in our 40th year providing the company with mooring and specialist marine services.

Our customer base includes Ship owners, Shipping agents, Government and Council Agencies, British MOD/NATO, Charitable Organization's such as “Mercy Ships” and local ship repair/engineering companies.
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