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Desmars jEAN-luc, General representative: gutierrez quentin
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Boatage, indispensable maritime port service for ships security and port infrastructures

Mooring, unmooring and shifting all types of ships, 24 hours/365 days a year.

The boatage companies performs a maritime port service and contributes to the economic development of commercial ports by guaranteeing a maritime technical service of quality, secured by certified professional seamen, qualified and experienced.

a) Maritime services offered :

§ sea transfer ; crew transfer by sea, ship supplies
§ Additional crew ; sea trials, sea conveying, understaffed crews
§ Mooring advisers ; specific maneuvers, additional crew
§ Maritime works ; nautical assistance to maritime public works companies
§ Coastal and port towing ; maritime public works, dredger and pontoon, berthing assistance operations for vessels without bow-thruster (ships<100 meters)

b) Riverine services offered :

§ Riverine conducting ; barges and commercial motor boats of 55 meters length overall.
§ Riverine towing ; dredger and pontoon, towing assistance

c) Public service mission :

§ Convention on the fight against pollution ; protection of the environment through agreements signed with commercial ports to ensure the fight against marine oil pollution of surface waters.
§ Shore POLMAR plan ; pollution response through requisition from the maritime prefect.
§ Professional assistance and rescue

French trade union Boatage

Unite and act collectively

The French trade union was created in June 2010 by a group of several boatage companies spread across 15 ports, from the Atlantic coast to the North Sea, representing approximately 300 boatmen.
Its main roles are to forge closer links between the members, to harmonize procedures, and to facilitate representation of the profession to government authorities, shipping companies and ship-owners, doing so at a European and International level.

The aim of the French trade union is to;
*study and defend the ethical, economic and social interests of its members.
*Organize seminars, conferences and work meetings.
*Insure the correct application of the profession law, with respect the concepts of the quality, security and maritime boatmen qualifications.


Promote and defend the interests of the boatage profession
Represent boatage activities at the highest level
Anticipate technical and organizational developments of the profession
Provide legal advice to member companies
Foster economic and human development of the profession
Recommend and adapt training for the boatage profession
Foster relations between different maritime and port entities
Harmonize the concept of the boatage nautical units
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