Antwerp Board, Belgium 2nd December 2013

During the board of Antwerp have been discussed several subjects, first of all the member countries expressed their opinion about the meeting in Hamburg. The collective opinion was that the members have to cooperate each other and like Erik De Neef said “we have to stand as one identity and what concerns the future:’ let us work together’.

Moreover Malta suggested the idea of creating an EBA-working group available at any time and it could consist of e.g. at least 2 diplomatic persons: one of which may be a legal advisor. 

During the board has been decided also the right definition of “mooring”:

“Mooring means the berthing and unberthing services required for a waterborne vessel being anchored, or moored, or unmoored, or shifted along  the berth or the quayside in order to immobilise the vessel, thereby allowing passengers and other persons, goods or cargo to be safely moved onto or from the waterborne vessel”.


-General Meeting 2014

Italy remembered her friendly invitation about the next general assembly, that is going to be organized by and in Italy, ‘Reggio di Calabria’, during the second week of September. (As from  Wednesday 10 September  2014: arrival of the participants. The hotel will be “ALTAFIUMARA RESORT & SPA”, in Santa Trada di Cannitello – I, 89018, Villa San Giovanni, Reggio Calabria. ( and


9. Next meeting
Next meeting of the BOD will be organized on the 20th March 2014, at 11 AM, at the Brabo-office.