Report of the meetings with the representatives of Sudan & Emirates february 2014 

Dear colleagues


I have been in Sudan where I attended, invited by the Sudan Sea Ports Corporation of Sudan, a conference on the port traffics, the infrastructures and services and I had the opportunity to meet important persons of the local and African maritime sector. In particular, among them, I met the General Director of the Sea Ports Corporation. This state organization provide, among its different activities, even the mooring service in all the Sudan ports. In Port Sudan the activity is provided by exclusive dedicated personnel, for 24/24 hours, using motorboat under the control of an ex ship commander.

Port Sudan is in strong expansion and it starts an imposing extension works committed to Korean companies that would like, in few years, to makes it becoming the access door to all the Central Africa States for the East traffics.

I am moderately satisfied and I hope that this first exchange of information leads this reality to join the IBLA.

Coming back from Sudan, as the flight did a stop over in the United Arab Emirates, I went to Dubai, where I met a representative of the BSI, a company which deals with intermediations between people coming from all the world and the United Arab Emirates Government. He talked about a kind of collaboration which could allow us to have contacts with the local Authorities in order to try to have the UAE among the IBLA members.

I took some time before answering him and I came back to Italy.

Looking forward to your comments, if any, with the commitment to keep you informed of any developments in these contacts, I take this opportunity to send you all have a warm and fraternal greetings.

Marco Mandirola