London, 21st January 2014

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to inform you that, on January 21st 2014 in London, I arranged a meeting between representatives of non-European states to the IMO with the aim of illustrating them the IBLA, who are the mooring/boatmen, which is their function in ports and in the roadstead in order to ensure the safety of navigation in port waters and the mooring state.

There were, among the others , the representatives of Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Singapore, Australia, Japan, China, Marshall Isl, Iran, Nigeria, Liberia, and Cook Isl. There were Cyprus (actually not IBLA member) and Spain also, as well as the IMO Senior Deputy Director legal affair office, Mr G. Librando and Mr. C. Aliperta, the Italian delegate to the IMO.

Also our colleagues Michael Jensen, as EBA President, Francisco Peleteiro, as Spain representative and Lorenzo Paolizzi for the Angopi, attended the meeting.

The meeting has certainly been productive since all participants, after having listened very carefully my speech (which I enclose), have guaranteed that they will try to help us in establishing those contacts with the mooring realities operating in their countries in order to allow us, in the future, I hope soon, to enlarge the IBLA membership with the intent of being able to apply for admission to the IMO itself as “observers”.

They also committed themselves to carefully examine the document of the 2005 containing the “guidelines” on the professional standards of the category, in anticipation of the vote scheduled in September 2014.

I went also in Tunisia, at the Tunisian Director of the Port Authority invitation, to attend a conference on the ports of North Africa, and I embarked on a series of contacts with representatives of the ports of Morocco, Egypt and Sudan, who were very interested in our issues, and they have promised their support at the local mooring structures of their countries, which are mainly managed by the terminal operators.
I trust on your active involvement to awaken your representatives to the IMO for the vote of the Committee ex- FAL.

I invite you, however, to let me know about any possible contact with mooring realities in the world.

We will better represent the whole issue within the next BOD EBA.

I take this opportunity to send a warm greeting to you all

Marco Mandirola