To All the IBLA Members

Dear Colleagues,
asyou know on 22nd of May I took part of  a meeting between representatives of IBLA and Admiral Cristiano Aliperta (delegate of the Italian Government to IMO in London. )in Bilbao. The purpose of the meeting was to analyze together the initiatives to be undertaken in order to obtain a favorable vote on the amendments to be submitted to the document “Guidelines on minimum training and education for mooring personel” published by the IMO on 11 July 2005 under discussion at the FAL Committee calendar in the last week of September next and, in parallel, the other initiatives that could be activated in the coming months.
The admiral said that will draft a document using the amendments, also, legal support, we will send as soon as possible in order to afford d’analyze and, if necessary, to express a comment, keeping firmly in mind the deadline of June 20, the last day for submission.
I want to remind you that amendments can only be made by the legal representatives of Government IMO.
At the same time he invited us to contact our national representatives in the IMO to have as much support as possible.
If these steps will be carried out on schedule have a good chance that the amended text is already approved in the meeting of September to become operational by the end of this year.
Another strategic move implemented was to have convinced the representative of Panama to accept the presidency of the FAL Committee. I remind you all that Panama was the main detractor of the document presented last year. Now assuming this position he will maintain a position of fairness between the parties and, I believe, did not vote.
L ‘Admiral has also reiterated the need for the dell’IBLA to broaden the base of membership, while understanding the difficulties we encounter, as only the broadening of the reality of the berth operating in all, or almost all, the continents will concrete possibility of upholding the ns. application for membership as “members Auditori” IMO itself.
With respect to this I informed the defendants of the application for membership, reached me that morning, and that I am attaching, the company which deals with the operation of services of mooring in the port of Bar in Montenegro, as by-laws, will be examined, and voted in the course of the next Assembly in September in Reggio Calabria.
V’informo also that next June will return to the UAE to meet with representatives of the berth of the three ports of that country in order to obtain their membership all’IBLA. This has been possible thanks to the mediation of the Company contacted by us on site to organize and prepare the ground, ensuring our reliability and professionalism.
They were present at the meeting, organized by the National Association of Spanish Company of Mooring, I want to thank for the preparation and the hospitality extended to the representatives of the port of La Goulette and Gabes in Tunisia, bringing their greetings, they wanted to inform us that they are contacting other nations that s’occupano mooring in order to establish a national Association of Tunisia.
We remain at your disposal for any clarification and / or explanation that these notes require it and give you an appointment to Reggio Calabria next September, I wish you all a prosperous summer.

Marco Mandirola