as Palmas report, 28th of March 2014

Journey Report

Las Palmas

28th of March 2014

On 28th of March I had a meeting in Las Palmas, Canaries Islands, with Mr. Sergio Galvan Montesdeosca, who is manager at CARC and active member of the ICCHA.

The ICCHA is an international organization which manages the services offered to the ships/ferries/cargo in the ports. The main activity is mooring/unmooring of the Cargo ships. Its goal is to guaranty the human and infrastructures safety.

The CARC is part of the ICCHA, but it manages only the ports of Africa on the Atlantic Coast and some small states (Niger & Burkina Faso). Most part of the countries of the West Africa are members of the CARC. The presidency changes at rotation, now it’s kept from the Ghana.

I have shown that The purpose of the IBLA was and still is to establish a good and fruitful communication between all the partners to exchange technical-nautical information, experience and problems, in order to improve and enhance the knowledge, the service’s quality and as well to insure the safety of life and property at sea, including the ships, the port infrastructures, the boatmen and the passengers. It has not any political/syndicate target and it will never have.

The goal of IBLA is to be recognized, one day not so far, as a member auditor of the International Maritime Association (IMO), for this to happen we are looking for Worldwide Companies of mooring/boatmen services, which would like to join our project.

I have also shown our recent initiatives at the IMO.

I believe it was a positive meeting because Mr. Galvan proposed me to participate on 9thof April at a meeting at Las Palmas where will participate representatives of Senegal, Mauritania and Capo Verde at the offices of the Port Authority. They will give me free time to show to all the members our Project.

Mr. Galvan explained me that in all these countries the mooring services are managed from the Port Authority because they are Governative’s services. Their standards are lower than the Europeans and for this reason they could be interested in a cooperation with us.

Although the low standards their ports are increasing the traffic and for this reason they are entrusting the management and as well the operations of mooring in the ports to Asiatic.

They also invited me to participate at the assembly of the ICCHA in Ghana the next November.

Waiting for more news, that I will try to communicate as soon as, I find the opportunity to send you my sincerely regards.


Marco Mandirola